Prosper The Go-Giver Way

Prosper The Go-Giver Way

The Go-Giver Movement is changing the way sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders think about sales, leadership, business and life. Five interlocking principles known as “The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success” provide a framework to create a culture that is focused on the customer and results in both individual, team and customer success. It’s about creating a culture of excellence, influence, authenticity and receptivity that allows each person to thrive.

The Go-Giver framework is applied to both individual and team development as well as face-to-face and online training courses. Our training courses offer the opportunity to build the critical cornerstones of your business around the Go-Giver philosophy. Our Go-Giver Coaching will show you how to tap into the Five Laws below and create immense value and lucrative success.

  • The Law of Value
  • The Law of Compensation
  • The Law of Influence
  • The Law of Authenticity
  • The Law of Receptivity

The Go-Giver framework provides you with the business tools to build a competitive edge.

Avoid Tunnel Vision

Often when running a business we think we’re doing the right things to be successful, but in a sense it is nothing more than crossing our fingers and hoping for the best. It’s time to step out of this less than optimal routine. Spend the day with us working strategically ON your business. The Go-Giver Strategy Mastermind is specifically designed to unleash the exceptional value you provide in your business fueling higher profits and your noble purpose. Learn the business growth strategies that can best work for you. Create the solutions your business needs to reach its full potential.

Accelerate Your Success

The Go-Giver Success Accelerator course based on “The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success” from Bob Burg and John David Mann’s international bestseller “The Go-Giver”, helps you shift your focus from getting to giving by constantly and consistently providing value. The framework can be applied to your specific needs helping you to achieve success in both your personal and professional life. This course is delivered exclusively by Certified Go-Giver Coaches so you know you are in expert hands. The course consists of six webinars all 90 minutes in length across a six week period. Each webinar will concentrate on a specific topic:

  1. Our Success Map. Creating your own, personal Stratospheric Success Map
  2. Your Value Strategy. Constructing your strategy for providing value
  3. Your Reach and Impact. Understanding how to use the value you create to increase your income by expanding your reach and impact
  4. Your Influence. Learning how to increase your influence in your community and in your business
  5. Your Unique Value. Exploring what your unique value is and how you can communicate and use it
  6. Your Mindset. Developing the mindset that allows you to see new opportunities, plan for your successful future, and welcome the positive results of your investment

From this course you will receive resources to help you build a success map, the accountability to carry it out, the support to achieve it and the feedback to develop further.

Master the Art of Ultimate Influence

Every single day in business we are faced with challenges that require us to persuade others. It might be closing the sale with the big yet elusive client, working with a team member not living up to their potential, or negotiating with your suppliers in a win/win way.

And every single day, we face resistance. We might even see the other person as an adversary and tend to resort to manipulation and coercion in an effort to win, to get our way. But this mentality will net only short term results, if even that! Leaving the other person feeling coerced or taken advantage of will only cause their resistance in the future and possibly even put them off working with you.

There’s a better way. A much better way that creates both immediate and long-term sustainable results. Helping people make decisions that are not only in your best interest, but in alignment with their interests as well. This course will teach you the “Five Key Principles of Ultimate Influence.”

The Go-Giver Success Alliance

Once you have chosen to live The Go-Giver Way and have started your journey through training or coaching there are endless support options you can access. Through Bob Burg’s Go-Giver Success Alliance Group Mentorship you can grow with a community of people who are integrating “The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success” into their businesses and lives. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with fellow Go-Givers worldwide.

For more information about the Go-Giver way take a look at Go-Giver Video or contact us


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