Leadership development and executive coaching

Leadership development and executive coaching

Many leaders have become leaders by accident or through starting and growing their own business, but they have never been trained as a leader. Sure, there are courses you can go on to develop leadership skills but do these ever get applied?

Momentum work with Business Leaders to directly help them to motivate their people and to develop their people skills so that a culture for success is created. We look at the habits of successful leaders and work out how these can be used in your business. We look at you as an individual, but we also assess the culture around you and how that is affecting your leadership capability. We use the latest profiling tools to help identify any improvement areas and we help you structure a plan for the future. The ultimate goal is to help you, as a leader, to enhance your business and maximise your people to create collaboration, authenticity and value.

Customer Experiences

Take a look in the mirror and be honest about your organisation’s weaknesses and consider if that’s something that business coaching could help you with. Give it time, and listen. Every idea might not be for you, but it’s about continuous improvement and having an outside, independent perspective of how you can improve. If you can’t see any weaknesses or areas for improvement, business coaching is definitely for you! Pete’s great. Honest, approachable and always prepared to say what he thinks. That’s important as it helps create the right culture within the Board and encourages a positive working relationship moving forward. With the support of Momentum and their knowledge and expertise, NASMA will continue to go from strength to strength. Click here to read the full case study

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