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Sep 2016

Do we always have to hire sales people who have experience of our sector?

First of all, thanks to sales specialist, Rocky LaGrone for inspiring this posting. The content is based on the content in his original posting. When we speak to prospects and existing clients about recruiting sales people, the one thing that they always focus on is the fact that they must have “industry experience”. So is it absolutely essential that the sales people that your business is looking to recruit have worked in your sector. Why is that other departments in your company are able to successfully recruit people into professional positions, such as finance, HR, operations who have no experience of your sector? Yet sales insist on following a well-worn path and keep on making the same mistakes. If you want a different result, then you need to do something different. The question I always ask is would you rather recruit an “A” player who has an outstanding sales DNA and excellent consultative selling skills, who hasn’t worked in your sector than a sales person with ave…
Sep 2016

How building resilience can help you respond to setbacks and adversity?

Anthony Gelling scores the winning try against Warrington This posting was inspired by watching my home town rugby league team, Wigan Warriors overcome a serious setback during the match last night. After 57 minutes of the match (which lasts for 80 minutes), they were losing by 28 points to 14 to Warrington Wolves. In the 57th minute, Ben Flower, one of the Wigan players was sent off for foul play. This left the Wigan team with only 12 players for the remainder of the match against a Warrington team that at that stage were on top and seemed destined to win. In the next 23 minutes, Wigan scored 21 points and went onto win the match by 35 points to 28 and celebrate a historic victory against the odds. So what lessons can we learn from this Wigan victory which will help us achieve greater levels of personal and business success. 1. Determination – to be successful, you have to be determined. You have to be prepared to do the things that others won’t do. There are times when …
Aug 2016

What makes a great sales person?

Many people have opinions about what are the key factors which make a great sales person. I have heard it said that great sales people are born and not made. So let’s look at some of the key factors which people often discuss when talking about great sales people:- Attitude:- clearly having the right attitude is important. Without the right attitude you are not going to be successful in sales or any other role for that matter. Who wants to purchase a product or service from someone with the wrong attitude. Enthusiasm:- this is important as well, Sales people who are not enthusiastic about their product or service will not be able to create an environment where their prospect wants to buy. Enthusiasm goes a long way in selling. Charisma:- people often talk about sales people having charisma. I once heard it said that sales people need the “gift of the gab” so that they can talk to anyone. Charisma can be a factor in a salesperson success, but it isn’t everything.…
Jul 2016

How willing are you to succeed?

At the start of each week, many of us will set out with the best of intentions to succeed. I am sure that none of us wake up with the intention to have a bad week! There are many factors which can inhibit success, poor motivation, poor outlook and a bad attitude. When things go wrong, there tends to be one common factor and that is ourself. Leading sales expert, Dave Kurlan often writes about the key factors which get in the way of a sales person success and these include:- Lack of Commitment toward sales success; Lack of Desire for sales success (different from Drive in that Desire in this context is sales specific); Poor Outlook; Excuse Making So let’s look at each of these factors in turn. Commitment If you want success, then you need to be committed to your success. You need a compelling reason to succeed. When you know your “why” then you will be more motivated to succeed.  If you are already achieved what you set out to accomplish, then you are much less li…
Jul 2016

Joe hope’s to hit the target in career move

Football 5
Momentum Sales Solutions, a recruitment and training specialist based in West Yorkshire have found a gem in their latest recruit Joe Brennan, according to Director Billy Bingham. Former Bradford City midfielder Joe, who has just recently left the club where he was a first year pro, joined Momentum when his contract with the West Yorkshire club expired and will become the latest addition to their expanding construction division. “Football has been a huge part of my life since the age of 8 when I first went to Liverpool and I hope it will still have a part to play in my future. Injuries really hampered my development last season but right now…
Jun 2016

Motivation for Individuals

During a recent coaching session with my mentor Pete Evans I was tasked with soul searching and finding my cornerstones.  The four pillars that I live my life by and help me make decisions. Many people live by various cornerstones….family, transparency, honesty, teamwork to name a few, and it’s these values that have a strong influence on what we are motivated by.  Motivation comes in many different forms and if you’re like me, when I’m stuck in a rut or down then I look to my family and children to give me inspiration and to motivate me to keep driving forward in the face of any adversity. Some of you may look for inspirational videos online or find solace in a good motivational book.  However it’s also very easy to get lost behind your computer screen for hours, and this constant trawling of the internet for motivation and the odd quote seems a little counter-productive right? We all need to find our own motivation, to find what we as individuals are driven by.  One pe…
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